Late September or Early October Release Of iPhone 5

Apple orders 15 million iphone for September

According to latest information on the assembly and release of the much-awaited iPhone 5, it has been known that Apple has placed an order for 15 million iPhone 5. Reports suggest that Apple has chosen Pegatron Technology, the Taiwan based maker of notebooks, to supply the gadgets. Apple has previously chosen Pegatron for shipping iPhone 4, which was a CDMA version that ran on Verizon network. However, since the demand for the phone declined, the company has to cut down on the production.

Apple chooses Pegatron

Owing to the order by Apple, Pegatron has upgraded its manufacturing facility to accommodate production of 10 million iPhone 4 pieces. Apple iPhone 4 could only sell four million pieces and Pegatron has to stop production. Apple seems to have chosen this manufacturer owing to its previous association with the firm as well as the upgraded manufacturing facility.

Component manufacturers ship components to Taiwan

Latest reports on the progress of iPhone 5 have further suggested that component makers from different parts of the world have started shipping the components to Shanghai. Pegatron is to begin assembling and manufacturing the gadgets for a late September of early October release. Pegatron has further enhanced its facilities by increasing employee strength and equipments.

IPhone 5 or iPhone 4S?

According to DigiTimes, which made the report on the progress of iPhone 5, the new gadget will most likely be an upgrade of iPhone 4, which could also be the reason for choosing Pegatron. Since Pegatron had upgraded facilities for iPhone 4, manufacturing an upgrade should not be a problem for the company. Further, a September launch is indicative of the fact that the new whole will most likely be only an upgrade. This was suggested by some of the top sources such as Bloomerang and Morgan Stanley.

Disagreement over the new iPhone 5

The rumors about iPhone 5 have been running around ever since the phone was announced. By maintaining stringent silence, Apple has only fuelled speculation. However, in the light of the latest position of iPhone 5, Peter Misek who is an analyst with Jefferies & Co, has reinforced that the new phone will only be an upgrade, and further, only minor ones. The new phone is also being suggested as an iPhone 4-plus. Considering the latest developments, the production of the new gadget seems to be in full throttle and a September launch is very much possible.