LG’s New Plan – 30% Staff Cuts In Cell Division

Mobile manufacturer LG has once again in the news headlines, though this time taken their future planning – According to a new rource report.

The report has also stated that cell phone manufacturer company LG is now planning for slashing the workforce of its mobile phone division by cutting 30 percent after reviewing the consistently poor result in the cell phone market.

With the sequence to the fact Reuters report has said “Korean giant LG is now ready to cut the cost of their workforce, but LG has stated that they have not yet decided anything regarding exactly what should they do at this very first moment? ”

An honorable spokes person of LG has stated “We always prefer for improvement and quality performance in our mobile business, that’s why we have not yet think about cutting any job.”

Hidden things behind it:

Few days ago a hidden source has stated that though, LG is now made its position as one of the world largest mobile manufacturing brand, but they has been losing lots of their valuable money from that section – which approx amount in short is over £30 million.

That’s why the Korean giant LG has now decided to cut the price of some of their necessary segment, also some of their old devices are giving poor price, cause the company has now quiet successfully identified that their last successful Smartphone brand is LG Optimus 3D, but in spite of that none of their recently release have left their mark in the market quiet successfully.

As we think in this matter LG should look back at this time for the upcoming products – if they want another top seller phone in the market.