Mozilla And Microsoft Continues With The Chrome Mystery

Present stats of the browsers

Recent stats show that Mozilla’s Firefox users are growing and that of the Internet Explore continues with the same strength. Internet Explorer is continuing with the same loss. As per the latest stats for the browser market share, Firefox is up by 0.081 % and is presently on 21.71%. Internet explorer is down by 0.84 % and it is having 54.27% market share. Google’s Chrome browser has also gained 0.58 and is on 12.52 percent. Apple’s safari has also seen some gain of 0.13% and made it to 7.28% of the market share. Opera dropping by 0.11% and is on 2.03%.IE’s and Mozilla’s problem

IE 9 till now has proven out to be a good browser, but you cannot consider it to be better than its competitor like Mozilla and Chrome. Firefox holds the users who like the huge quantity of add-ons and extensions, so its users are growing but slowly. Unlike Internet Explorer which does not have Add-on and extensions, so it’s not easy for Microsoft to attract users from its competitors.

Firefox’s Situation

Firefox also continue to stand in the same position as that of Internet Explorer, though it’s not facing the losses as that Microsoft is facing, but still it does not show any significant growth in the browser market. In spite of the releasing of Firefox 4 the market share of Mozilla is not increasing, as it used to increase before the Google’s chrome entry. Mozilla was overtaking IE’s users before the Google’s Chrome. Though, Firefox 4 is a strong browser, which has scored 100% in the Acid3 test.

Mozilla’s Revenge

Mozilla is focusing to reverse the trend, both Microsoft and Mozilla needs something to reverse the trend of Google’s chrome, Though Mozilla is all set to launch it new browser Firefox 5 in late June, with such a little gap between Firefox 4 and Firefox 5, Mozilla is attempting this type of release policy for the first time, let’s see what Mozilla is trying to do.

Google’s success

Google’s browser Chrome has continued to reach the heights of popularity consistently, it is todays only web browser that is showing a continuous rise in its graph with every passing month. It now also has a wide range of extensions, which are regularly updated and released. It has become a strong competitor in the browser market in a very short time.