New age of “Bluetooth Smart” and “Bluetooth Smart Ready” Devices

A few days ago Apple introduced its latest iPhone 4S to the market. Although at the company’s side the features of the mobile handset was elaborated and demonstrated there is still many to explore. Among many of the iPhone 4S’s unique features one is a new class of Bluetooth device incorporated in it. The Bluetooth device of the iPhone 4S is capable of connecting itself to various wireless devices including watches and heart rate monitors.

The iPhone 4S hit the market on the last 14th of October 2011.It has been claimed at the company’s side that the mentioned mobile handset model possesses a Bluetooth chip that need a little power to connect. And that specialty enables it to connect to various little powered devices like watches which run on only standard button cell batteries.

On Monday the Bluetooth Special Interest Group labeled the small devices mentioned above as the “Bluetooth Smart” devices and the featured devices like the above mentioned iPhone 4S as the “Bluetooth Smart Ready” devices. They have also mentioned that we are going to experience many “Bluetooth Smart” devices from various companies very soon.

Most recently the Japanese electronics co., Casio has announced their planning of bringing a watch which will be a “Bluetooth Smart” device. The watch is expected to hit the market in the end of coming December. The watch will be capable of connecting to a smart phone and it will constantly update its user about the incoming text messages and emails.

Casio is not the first company to launch a watch following such a concept. Before them another company had introduced a wrist watch following that concept. Five years ago Sony Ericsson introduced such a watch that served all the functions that the Casio’s watch is claimed to be capable of. But there were certain problems with the Sony Ericsson watch. It came in a weight of almost half pound because of its big size and it included researchable batteries that were capable of running for only three weeks after full recharge.

Rather than the watches other “Bluetooth Smart” devices include some laptops, Motorola Razr etc.