New App On Android To Order Pizzas From Dominos

Android and Dominos, the international pizza giant, have a news that will cheer pizza lovers who use android phones. Android users can now order pizzas from any Dominos pizza joint in their city through an app that the pizzeria has released. The app is already available on Apple store and is now accessible for Android users as well.The app is highly multi-functional. Apart from making it easy to order pizza, the Dominos app also helps in a number of other features such as paying for the delivery online and locating the exact location of the pizza on its way to delivery. The app can be customized as per the wants and requirements of the user.

Although the app has been offered in Apple iOS platform, the android version has extra and useful features. The CEO of Dominos, Don Meij said that the app aims at making the idea of “Domino’s Store in your pocket” possible. With the app, the process of ordering pizzas has become much easier and convenient for all android users. The special features in the Android app are navigation locator, live updates and menu of the latest Domino’s range of pizzas.

Domino’s has been strengthening its digital and mobile service of late and this app, developed in America is an additional step in this regard. The “digital commitment”, as the CEO puts it, makes it possible for people to order pizzas any time of the day and from anywhere. As is Domino’s tradition, they deliver piping hot pizzas within a very short time. This app will enhance the pizza experience for all Android using pizza lovers.

The CEO attributes the possibility of adding new feature in the app to the advanced structure of Android software. The app has been very well received by users and has achieved a five star review from experts as well as users. The app also provides a possibility for the pizza brand to expand its customer base since the ease of ordering can well be a reason for people switching over the Domino’s from other brands. The support of the efficient Android software is an added feature that makes the app more powerful and effective.

Customers using gadgets of Android operating system were questioned about their opinion on the new app. They responded positively and enthusiastically, with many of them confessing that the Domino’s new app wil definitely make them change their pizza preference to Dominos. The app is available for free and requires any version of Android higher than 2.1.