New Rumor: Samsung Interested To Buy webOS Platform

A new rumor has started to climb up already which has stated that android giant Samsung has now interested in buying webOS from Hewlett- Packard in order to compete with iPhone giant Apple’s in house software and hardware business model.

Before the rumor has started, tablet manufacturer HP announced earlier this month that they were then interested to spin off their PC business – in short they actually wanted to make it more user friendly for the TouchPad and Palm Pre. So, with the sequence to the fact all are expecting that Samsung has now interested to buy HP’s PC business, though we have not got any reply from the side of HP.

But last day a new report of DigiTimes has claimed that, though Samsung is not wanted to buy HP’s PC business, but it is the fact that Samsung wants to purchase their entire webOS operating system – which original developer is Palm.

Though, various rumors have now started to climb up but the main matter of fact is, in this matter both company have not opened their mouth yet. But their entire prospective can be considered as a strategy for counting Apple’s winning combination of hardware and software for both iPhone and iOS, because the original maker of iOS is MAC line.

Another rumor has stated the main reason behind Samsung’s purchase of webOS is to survive in this competition market with another partner Google, because before it Google has announced that they actually want to purchase Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion.

Though, the main matter of jock is that at this time Motorola is manufacturing a large number of Android devices which main founder is Google.