Nokia 701 Ushers A New Hope For Nokia

There is no question that Nokia has been leading the mobile handset market in the last decade or so. But in the last few years ever since there is a high demand for smartphones, the earlier power of Nokia is on the decline. To turn around from such a situation Nokia is coming out with all guns blazing as they are delivering one after another packs of punch with their newly launched smartphones and also which are yet to come to the market.

In any case Nokia has been soughing out a lot of the problems they were facing in the smartphones industry and therefore are able to rectify their mistakes in order to recapture the lost share in the smartphones market.

The newly launched Nokia smartphones look a lot alike but differ a lot in their specifications. Nokia has announced the launching of the new 701 model which is expected to attract a lot of buyers to Nokia products.  Nokia 701 is not quite stylish in designs though and looks quite similar to the 700 model but is available in more colors than that of 700 models. It has got a 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen which is accompanied by proximity sensor and Accelerometer along with the Ambient Light detector. It is very much easier to handle and multi touch inputs are also read very swiftly as well.

Terrific to note is the great camera that has been installed in this smartphone. Even though it is only of 5 mega pixel it does not show that it is only of that much quality. It surpasses the quality of images that are produced even by 8 mega pixel camera. The LED flash helps in capturing the moments that you can cherish afterwards and not a single detail will be missed out. It is one of the best cameras that Nokia has ever installed in the smartphone handsets. The video recording is superb as well. You can take HD quality videos and have full details in them to see afterwards. Its resolution extends up to 720p with HD recording of 16:9 ratio.

The internal memory is 2 GB only but if you use a micro SD card you can expand it up to 32 GB, which is quite a lot for any one. The battery backup is again superb and can give a talktime up to more than 7 hours at a stretch.

It is one of the smartphones that are surely needed to be checked out by potential buyers.