Oracle Demands $1.1 Billion From Google

Hardware and software manufacturing company Oracle has recently demanded $1.16 billion from Google for the alleged copyright and patent infringement on its Android Java damages.  Though, as a sequence few days earlier an original claim approx $6.1 billion was discard by a judge in the US – but presently the authority of this software and hardware manufacturing company Oracle has told that they have received their claims.

The most interesting thing is Oracle’s final demand is near about one fifth of that rejected claim. With the sequence to the entire fact Steve Holtzman, the lawyer of Oracle, has said to Judge William Alsup in an official letter “We are aligning as much as $202 million for patent in fragment and additionally aligning $960 million for the copyright batch.”

Full Story Behind It:

Though, in this matter the court has not made its valuable decision yet, as a result this trials is completely due in front of Judge William at the San Francisco court – it is expected to happened on 31 st October.

The entire claim is looking like a resolve around the claim of Oracle – because it has stated that the brand new Android operating system of the search giant Google is completely integrated on Java patents, which they have bought up seventh month earlier.

So, in short this huge claim by one of the huge bodies in the field of software and hardware can be described as a counter claim, which will be going to fought by two major technology companies in the field of global scale – but for this you have to wait for 31 st October decision in the Judge court at San Francisco.