Rip music CD to mp3 in Windows Vista

This procedure is applied near about all versions of windows vista, because windows vista is associated with such features which already gave the users the ability of ripping the music to mp3 file format for free. Also near about all the music players including Apple’s iPod will not play the default wma format.  Moreover by using mp3 format you can quite ensure that you can listen all types of music to your music device.

In the XP we should have to perform hacking procedure to get the Windows Media Player to rip to the MP3 format, but Windows Vista we can rip the mp3 files quite easily. Now I know that you must be thinking about how to do that, but need not to be worried, here is a simple step by step procedure in the following which will help you how to do that, just read the rest article carefully:

  1. If you are an existing user of the Windows Vista operating system then first open your pc.
  2. Then start your Windows Media Player (wmp).
  3. Do right click on the downward arrow, you may find it under the Rip button.
  4. Move your cursor towards Format tab.
  5. Now select MP3 from that menu.
  6. In this purpose if you want higher quality music then you can increase Bite Rate also. But it will take a larger file size.
  7. Now insert your CD into the drive.
  8. Do right click on the Rip button there.
  9. Now you can find that your music is successfully ripped.
  10. So this is a simple procedure, just follow this and enjoy.