Samsung’s Forthcoming Tablet Galaxy Tab 7.7 Will Appear At IFA

Hidden sources of Samsung has uncovered that Android giant Samsung is planned to launch their next generation Galaxy Tab i.e. Galaxy Tab 7.7 at the upcoming IFA event.

The above sources have also stated that apart from the tab Samsung has also decided to unveil two brand new products also – A mystery device named as Galaxy Note and Wave 3 Smartphone.

In this regard a tipster for TheNextWeb site went to investigate as Samsung Mobile Unpacked teaser app for Android, which has provided all of that necessary information before German tech fest this year.

With in the UPK they have found logos of three different devices – which partially suggest that this android giant is now decided to launch three upcoming products at the beginning on coming September.

Galaxy Note:

Before this launch Samsung has already released its earlier galaxy versions as well as wave versions. So, from that we can easily make a guess about it, but it has not yet been cleared what kind of product their Galaxy Note will be.

As the name is suggested this gadget is not a tablet or not a samrtphone, so till it is in mystery exactly what kind of product it will be – but it can guess that it must be different from all traditional product.

In spite of that Samsung is now encouraging their user to update their Android application before 1st September, though they are also advising that user should make an update with their device all the time while a new version of their operating system is released.

Whatever the entire report is stated, but it is true that this coming IFA event Samsung must launch their three upcoming products which mentioned above.