Samsung Releases New Tablet And Two New Phones But Stays Away From USA

Samsung has come out with two new phones and a new tablet. While the new tablet is called Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, the smart phones are called Wave 3 and Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Tab is the new 7″ tab from T-Mobile and is one of the most sophisticated in the Samsung range. It sports the fantastic display of AMOLED Plus. The major advantage of this feature is that the tablets remains slim and light while still maintaining high quality image.

The sun reflection is perfect as well, making images vivid even in the sunny outdoors. The tablet also has to its credit the distinction of being the tablet that provides the largest high definition AMOLED screen. This screen is complete touch screen and the special inclusion reduces consumption of battery and enhances image clarity. The display is brighter and better on the eye. The tablet is powered by 1.2GHz dual core processor. With these and a lot of other options that allow personalization of Galaxy Tab 7.1, the tablet is one of the best tablets available in the market today.

The new smart phone from the company, Galaxy Note also features a high definition AMOLED screen. The display is brighter with lower power consumption and excellent sun reflection. In addition, the smart phone also features a dual core 1.4GHZ processor and the state of the art S Pen Technology. This feature makes the smart phone multi functional and adaptable as a tablet as well. Wave 3 is a fantastic looking smart phone. This phone also comes with a super AMOLED display and a 1.4 GHZ dual core processor. The special feature of the phone is HSPA+ internet access which is super fast.

Samsung has been bringing out a number of phones in the recent past and most of the devices have met with admirable success. As the president of Samsung Electronics, Boo-Keun Yoon puts it, the success is attributed to the fact that the company always listens to the voice of its consumers. In keeping with this policy, Samsung has also been introducing new apps such as the most recently released ChatON, which is an instant messaging service similar to Apple’s iMessanger and BlackBerry BBM. The service is freely available for all Samsung smart phone users.

Despite the efficiency of the phones, Samsung’s plans to release the devices into the American market are very unclear. Certain experts say that the company will never release these devices in the American market. However, others are of the opinion that Samsung is unlikely to ignore the American market because of the huge potential customer base.