Samsung’s New A6 Processor For Future iOS

One of the world’s best electronic companies Samsung has announced that shortly they are going to manufacture the A6 Quad Core Mobile Chip for Apple iOS gadgets. There is news in the tech world that the two giant electronics company Samsung and Apple has signed a deal that will allow Samsung to supply A6 quad core mobile chip for Apple iOS devices. But there is also another rumor that Apple has already given the deal to the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). But there is no sure specification of the news.

According to The Korean TimesApple and Samsung will be continuing their former buyer and supplier relation that they maintained very peacefully in the past. They have also cited many arguments in the support of their words. Among these citations the most important one is that of that of the speech of an executive of Apple, which reveals that Apple cannot effort to lose a business partner like Samsung as they are very significant partners. So if we believe that view we will have to ignore the previous news of Apple’s deal with Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing Company (TSMC).

Tech Masters have cleared that confusion by revealing that Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing Company (TSMC) has not yet strongly established themselves in the chip manufacturing market and on the other hand Samsung is already a big name in that field. So Apple does not want to take chance with the Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing Company (TSMC) broadly. They have also cleared that the Taiwan Semiconductor manufacturing Company will produce chip for Apple iOS, but in a low scale. On the contrary Samsung is already manufacturing the A6 processors for the coming Apple iOS in their manufacturing plant in Austin in Texas. So that is the total scenario.