Samsung’s Redesigning Galaxy Tab 10.1 To Dodge The German Ban

Samsung is going to launch the new version of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany after the original version had been banned by German court on this September. The features of this new model are more pronounced Silver Bezel, relocation of the speakers from sides to the front of this electronics device and several improve features with fine adjustment made the different feeling from the previous one.

While speaking to BBC the representative of Samsung commented that they were decided to introduce new version of tab to reach their customer demands for   their innovative and distinctive product. But they are still waiting for the Germans Court Decision to get license to sell legally their product in the German Markets.

A patent consultant Mueller posted on the Foss Patents Blog that he was not in the position to say about the product that would be cleared the violation charges. He also told that it was up to court to decide about the infringement   of community design.

If the characteristic of the phone matched or if that was overall impression on informed person then the community design will be violated. The Galaxy Tab 10.1N has not yet got the green signal to be launched. She denied Apple’s exclusive right on single isolated feature. She also mentioned that the all over impression and an away of characteristic are what that remain protected.

Apple not yet to announce publicly in this matter but this Cupertino firm will be seek for new injunction claiming for the new designed tab still violates  the court order which ban the sales of Samsung Tab in German market. Apple sticks to their comment on Samsung which they made in April 2011.

Samsung 10.1N is going to be elite product for German market and already promoting in German Technology sites for sale. The South Korean company announced that it will be in the market within couple of week.