Sling Media’s New App for Android 3.0

Good news for Android 3.0 Honeycomb users. With the bulk of features that they are already enjoying they are going to have a new outstanding feature. The leading provider of video place shifting products and services for consumers and television service providers, Sling Media has announced that they have a special offer for the Android 3.0 Tablet users. The Android 3.0 tablet users will be able to access Sling Media’s Dedicated SlingPlayer app shortly. The app is now available in Android Market. But they will be able to use the mobile phone version only in exchange of a sacrifice of the picture quality.

There is hardly a person, who has not heard about SlingMedia.  Sling Media is the manufacturer of the Slingbox, which is a media device for media streaming. The functionality of Slingbox is to encode video into VC-1 format so that it can be broadcasted over internet with an Infrared Blaster. The functionality allows the viewers to watch and control their cable, satellite, video recorder of home from remote places. Slingbox broadcast video and audio through the Sling Media’s SlingPlayer. Besides the Slingbox also has unique feature named clip + sling that allow users to connect their television sets and share their favorite programs over television.

Sling Media has decided to charge $ 29.99 to download the tablet version of the SlingPlayer.  Is has been also declared at the company’s side that the users of the tablet version of the SlingPlayer will be able to see more quality video and they will also get in addition a fresh program guide, which will enable them to browse on the internet at the same time when television is already on. Sling Media has also incorporated a new remote interface that will permit easy controlling over programming.