Sony Ericsson Refuses To Confirm Ice Cream Sandwitch

Mobile manufacturing company Sony Ericsson has reportedly confirmed that they will update their latest Xperia smartphones to Android Ice Cream Sandwitch, while it will release.

With the sequence to the fact a representative of the Japanese-Swedish alliance has stated SoMobile “Presently Sony Ericsson is trying to bring the next level of Android i.e. Ice Cream Sandwitch along with all the next generation functionality to its upcoming Xperia phones.”

While this same thing was asked to the authority of Sony Ericsson, they simply denied that fact, so from that point of view it can be clearly said that SoMobile information is not true at that time.

With the sequence to the fact the authority has also stated “While it will come to the future platform of Android Operating System, then we will make it available to the consumers, but all of these depend on time, because they must need to be little improved from both hardware point of view or software point of view to meet up the user experience.”

Though, the authority of Sony Ericsson has already told us that they are now trying to make it on Android UI environment, so with that point of view it is very easy to hook in another version of the OS in spite of TimeScape interface – which partially means while Ice Cream Sandwich will come out in the market, the company must update and release their upcoming Android phones with the help of it.

The above points also indicate that we shall find the upcoming Xperia series with the newly released Android Operating System versions that is Android Ice Cream Sandwitch. Though, other recourses have stated that the company Sony Ericsson is now planning to launch more smart phones and tablet devices with the help of this brand new Google operating system.