Ultrabook A New Competitor For Macbook

In a world where the demand for mobile computing is growing day by day the need for a technology that would provide the user with the features of both a personal computer and a tablet is very much essential. Being able to enjoy the experiences of social networking on your tablet may not make you fully content. One may feel the need to be able to make large personal documents on the same thing and also fulfil some of their important business needs. Hence the concept of an ultrabook arrived. This special form of a laptop has been built by the likes of Asus (UX21), Acer (Aspire S3), Lenovo (IdeaPad U300) and Toshiba (Portege Z830) and will soon reach the markets. Asus has claimed that its 0.66inches thin and 1.1kg heavy UX21 will initiate from the sleep mode in just two seconds.

Acer on the other hand has claimed that its 0.5 inches thin and 1.4kg heavy Aspire S3 will resume from the sleep mode in an even lesser 1.5 seconds. The 0.6 inches thin and 1.1kg heavy Toshiba’s Portege Z830 has more ports than any of them and the 0.6 inches thin and 1.3kg heavy Lenovo IdeaPad U300 promises to initiate in 10.5 seconds.  The ultrabook is powered by Intel and one may go for the Core i3, i5 or i7 processors. Intel aims to make the device exceptionally thin and light weighted. In the coming years they also plan to come up with even more innovative technologies for the ultrabook like the touch screen facility. In order to make the ultrabook as light as possible the SSD or flash storage used by the tablets is essential and the bulky hard disks used in the PCs has to be ignored here.

However since the SSD is costlier both the hard disk and the SSD may be used initially. Intel is trying to ensure that the battery lasts for around seven to eight hours and also aims to produce longer lasting battery backups in the near future as well. This ultra-light and the ultra-slim machine which is an extension of the netbook aims to capture the market of the smart phones, iPads and the MacBook Air of 2010 produced by Apple. However to achieve the latter will be a big challenge for the makers of ultrabook. Indeed PC manufacturers have tried to beat the MacBook Air but the laptops are more expensive compared to this device. Hence to keep the prices low will be the most important objective of the ultrabook makers.