UNThink wants to challenge Facebook

New comer Unthink thinks that they can overthrow the social networking giant Facebook’s out of the social media realm.

The new social network comes from the creative mind of the mother’s concern over the online activities of his son. Unlike Facebook, Unthink preaches empowerment. Whenever first visited the site, they encouraged people in taking control of their online destinies.

The new website says they are not another social network. They are a Social Revolution.

This sounds a lot similar to a social media version of the Occupy movement. However, the only difference is that, as a replacement to wanting to shake up banking and successful business, this site wishes to shake up the way people share their personal habits in the online world.

Right the only rule of thumb is that an app or a service is free, The only product is the user itself. Web shopping, listening and reading habits means big money to advertisers and marketers. That is where Facebook, Twitter and Google+ mostly get their revenue and massive stock assessments.

Funded with a modest $2.5 million (US) establish loan, Florida-based Unthink gives its users the choice of signing up for free, then they chooses a brand with which they would like to have a relationship — the process known as iEndorse.

If users want in remaining brand-free, the site rate is $2 (US) a year for its services.

The design of the site is clean and efficient. Where Facebook’s main colour is blue, Unthink uses a soothing green.

Unthink lets users in keeping four unconnected information streams — public, social, lifestyle and business — to sort out contacts and shared information. In this respect, Unthink is comparable to circles on Google+.

Unthink founder and CEO Natasha Dedis says that any similarity to other sites is just pure coincidence.

She became conscious of Facebook because of her then-12-year-old son, who wanted in joining the world biggest social network since his friends are already in there. Whatever she does, she can not convince the boy of not joining Facebook. However, he used his son and friends so that he could make her personal, social network that would cater to their needs.

Dedis is the one how inherited the family business that concerns’ dry-cleaning business. Before starting her own social network, she claims that she is not familiar with the tech industry. She would often find some problems with Facebook. Most of the problems come with the way it dominates communication.