Wal-mart got facebook page for every local store

This report is in the right time for the holidays as Wal-mart Stores Inc. plans on recreating the experience of a local store for over 9 million Facebook fans.

On Tuesday, Wal-mart  declared their partnership with biggest social network in the world.  They are now offering Facebook pages, which got personalized for each of above 3,500 locations.   Such pages got designed so that customers can interact with the company’s local store about new products, events and discount offers. For Wal-mart, such partnership is the first of its kind. It also underscores how a company uses Facebook in developing a deeper relationship with its shoppers by responding immediately to their demands with the objective to increase its sales.

Executive vice president of Wal-Mart’s U.S. division, Stephen Quinn says the move lets them in making their stores in making their stores appropriate on a local level.   This also addresses their next-generation customers, who are into social media.

Quinn claims that the initiative serves as a response to customers, who want a localized message intended for their area.

The undertaking comes at a time when Wal-Mart, based in Bentonville, Ark., tries to reverse nine straight quarters of revenue rejects at its namesake U.S. stores open at least a year __ a key amount of a retailer’s health.

Carolyn Everson, vice president of global marketing solutions for Facebook.com, think that partnership with Wal-Mart is further than an  effortless local tab.  Embedding a social media phenomenon has become popular with businesses.  She noted that Wal-Mart has an effort in engaging its Facebook fans.   As of now, Facebook does not work with other merchants in developing such localized approach since it does not have the resources to back it up.

Wal-Mart and others try to harness the power of Facebook so that it could drive more customers to their business and increase their revenue. In April 2010, Facebook tolerated brands and retailers in using the now ubiquitous “like” button on their websites, which makes it easier to share and connect with friends. Everson noted that since such business had used the “like” button on their products, the sales have increased tremendously.

To get local information from Wal-Mart customers can click on to www.facebook/Walmart and then is going to be able to “like” stores, which are nearest in their area.  With a click, of a button can now see offers and new merchandise on their “My Local Wal-Mart” page. For instance, shoppers who chooses Wal-Mart’s Secaucus, N.J., store as their favorite is going to see such emphasized deals as a $1.98 15-ounce jar of Bertolli four-cheese pasta sauce and such new products as John Frieda’s “full repair” hair conditioner for $9.97.