Windows 8 Will Be Able To Manage Multiple Passwords

Microsoft has declared that the next Operating System that it is going to release shortly will feature an app that will be able to manage several passwords single handedly. According to a post on Microsoft’s Building Windows 8 blog the aforementioned Operating System will enable the users to maintain multiple passwords behind one single major password. The company has also mentioned that users will be able to synchronize their passwords in any other system that runs Windows 8.

We often feel the trouble to maintain and remember many passwords at a time. But with the forthcoming Operating System it will be very easy to put various passwords, even the complex ones for different websites. The advantage of maintaining various passwords for different web sites is that if one site gets hacked still there will be no danger of losing all the other data in other web sites. The working process of Windows 8 will be through automatically entering login information of the user whenever he visits the site. The service will be something similar to 1Password and LastPass services.

More than that, in case of losing of Windows Live ID password Windows 8 will offer many safety features that will control the account usage until the user successfully recover the loss. The features will be like: after the recovery users will get a verification code registered by Windows Live in through text messages to their mobile phones or through emails.

It has been announced in the company’s side that there will be many more exciting features like logging in through Picture passwords and biometrics although the company has not yet declared much details about the features. Interested people are thereby requested to read the company’s post at Microsoft’s Building Windows 8 blog. They will at least get the informations about the security features of Windows 8.