Android Has A Hold On 42% Of Smart Phone Market

Android is firmly establishing its hold on the smart phone market all over the world. According to the latest survey that was conducted by comScore, it has been revealed that android owns almost 42% of the smart phone market. To be precise, android has a share of 41.8%.

Further, the company has been showing a steady increase in its sales figures. In the month of April and through July, the rate of growth has been 5.4%. On the whole the company has grown by 36.4%. Android has come under scanner by Apple, which has accused it of patent breach. The battle has been going on for quite a while now. Some of the top mobile phone manufacturers of the world such as Samsung electronics, HTC and LG use android for their phones besides other companies such as Casio and Kyocera.

Android has left Apple behind, in terms of growth and market share. Apple showed a growth 27% in the market, although it is the highest selling mobile smart phones. As a result of the huge increase in the sale of these two companies, Google and Apple, other companies have grossly suffered. The sales of RIM have registered to fall, although the latest releases with BlackBerry OS 7 have reinstated some of the customer base of the company. In addition, Nokia has suffered a major loss and its Symbian operating system saw a fall of 0.4%. RIM registered a fall of 4% prior to the release of its latest smart phones. Phones using Microsoft operating system have also had a decline of 1%. Not many phones use Microsoft 7 operating system. Although Samsung and LG did include the operating system in some of their devices, they failed to garner as much patronage as the android devices have done.

In the entire mobile phone market, including both smart phones and ordinary mobiles, it has been seen that Samsung is the biggest gainer. The company has left behind Nokia, which was the top selling company in overall sales. Out of the total mobile phone market, Samsung has a quarter under its umbrella. Samsung is followed by LG, Motorola, Apple and RIM.

The highest selling Samsung tablet, the Galaxy series which runs on android, have been banned from sale in Germany due to the ruling by the Berlin court as a result of which, the gadget has been pulled out of the international consumer exhibition in Berlin. Samsung is likely to file for an appeal against the judgment.