Samsung Electronics And Six Other Display Manufacturers Under Trouble

According to the news sources in the tech world the Korean tech giant Samsung and six other manufacturers of liquid-crystal displays have finally decided to compensate nearly $553 million to the consumers and state regulators. The compensation is for their action of fixing the prices of LCD panels that are used in television sets, computer Read more


Samsung wants to ban sales of Iphone 4S in France, Italy

Samsung Electronics want to ban the sales of Apple’s new iPhone less than a day following the unveiling, which intensifies a legal dispute between the two top brands.

It is going to file legal cases in other countries in an effort to stop the transaction of the iPhone 4S after further review, the South Korean maker of Galaxy smartphones and tablets said in a statement.


Samsung Electronics vs Apple – The Legal Battles continue with Patents Suits

The ‘once’ great partners turning into opposite stands continue between Samsung and Apple. Samsung Electronics said on Wednesday night that it has filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission to ban US imports of Apple products ! The request was filed on Tuesday, specifically requests ‘Permanent Exclusion Order’ to prohibit all Apple products Read more