Apple Is About To Launch Fresh MacBook Air Models

Tech giant Apple is preparing to introduce fresh models of MacBook Air in the Q1 of the very next year. The new models of MacBooks Air will offer options of 11.6 inch, 13.3 inch and 15 inch panel sizes. It is clear that Apple is expecting to give Ultrabooks a fair challenge with the new series of MacBooks, says DigiTimes.

DigiTimes has also extracted from the sources that the testing season for the fresh models of MacBook Air have been started and it is very possible that the 15 inch MacBook Air will directly challenge Ultrabooks. Sources have also mentioned that Apple may cut down the prices of existing MacBook Air models in both the retail and the online markets. It seems that the leading tech company is preparing their base for the upcoming launches.

Retailers like Best Buy have already offered reduced prices of the previous models of MacBook Air series. They are selling the 11.6 inch MacBook Air with 64 GB of memory in $ 939.99 which is $ 60 less than the original price. The price of the 13.3 inch MacBook Air has been reduced by $ 65 than the original although it is offering double storage capacity than before. According to market analysts in the Q1 of 2012 the prices will be reduced more.

The whole set of changes that the fresh MacBook Air will feature is still unknown. In the last summer Apple redesigned the MacBook Air series with thunderbolt Connectivity, faster Sandy Bridge processors from Intel and backlit keyboards.

According to expert analysts Apple has chosen perfectly right time for introducing the new line up of the MacBook Air because at the same time in January 2012 at least 50 Ultrabooks will be on display at CES. Those abovementioned Ultrabooks are expected to feature the 22nm Ivy Bridge platform that will be launched by Paul Otellini, Intel CPO in some days. That is why the forthcoming MacBook Air line up is also expected to feature the same Ivy Bridge platform.