Huntsville School going high-tech

It looks like that the days of Huntsville students, who carries a back pack full of the books numbered. Do not fret over it, as this is not a dreadful thing. The students would get a laptop to replace their books.

The district has purchased over 3,600 computers over the past month since Superintendent Casey Wardynski wants, to make some changes by forcing their school in creating a 21st-century school system.


Acer Aspire S3 Is Not What Ultrabooks Are Expected Of

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Macbook Air in New Avatar Expected to Arrive this July

Expectations for Macbook Air are high this July According to most of the industry sources, Apple is all set to bring out its Macbook Air this July. The system will be loaded with the new operating system, Lion. The production volume is huge and the expected sales are 1.5 million units in one quarter. Chris Read more