Apple’s Planning On AMD Failed

There was news in the tech market that Apple was working on designing a MacBook Air with an AMD Fusion APU. Sources of SemiAccurate suggest that Cupertino cancelled the plan for some unknown reason although it is confirmed news that they had an active prototype.

According to sources Apple was interested in building up a low powered Llano supported MacBook Air to offer powerful graphics. The idea was to manufacture a system that would be associated with a GPU, able to work many times faster losing a little CPU power. But surprisingly leaving all the plans behind Apple again associated an Intel Solution. So, at present in the tech world the only thing that people want to know is the reason of the action done by Apple.

According to SemiAccurate AMD was unable to meet Apple’s demand. So if Apple and AMD would go on with the deal AMD had to concentrate most on Apple’s demand and as a result everyone else would be neglected. Giving Apple more supply and others less was really impossible for AMD.

The secret history behind the story is that in the first half of the year it was thought that Apple had selected Intel over ARM Based Processors. Intel also expressed their happiness over the incident. But it is now clear that Apple actually did not select Intel. But now Apple is going again with Intel because the deal with AMD failed to work. It seems that Intel was just a second option for Apple. So after sometimes we will be able to find the 64 bit ARM CPUs surely.

In the beginning of the year Apple introduced some changes in the MacBook Air series. The series gets associated with Sandy Bridge Processors, Thunderbolt connectivity and an awesome stylish looking backlit keyboard.