Public Schools giving out iPad to Students

The use of technology is becoming widespread that even schools are using them in teaching.  No, I am not talking about a computer, which the student can only operate in their computer laboratory.  I am referring to iPads, which schools are thinking of giving out to all their students during school days.

To enhance the use of technology in their school, every student at Burlington High School near Boston is going to get an iPad starting this year, each filled with electronic textbooks and other online sources to replace traditional text books.

Despite the fact, that iPads have increased its popularity on many college campuses since Apple Inc. launched the device in spring 2010, a lot of public secondary schools this coming fall are going to move away from using textbooks so that they could take advantage of the technology of the iPad.

Apple officials believe that there are more than 600 districts that have started with the “one-to-one” programs wherein, at least one classroom of students is receiving iPads for each student that can be use throughout the day.

There are new programs introduced regularly to help the iPad users enjoy the device even more.  As earlier as Wednesday, Kentucky’s education commissioner and the superintendent of schools in Woodford County, Ky., claimed that Woodford County High is going to become the state’s first public high school that is going to issue an iPad to its 1,250 students.

sBurlington High in suburban Boston, Principal Patrick Larkin, believe that the iPad is a better long-term deal than textbooks.  The students may be using textbooks if the software version is not yet available in the market.

Larkin said that although, he does not want to say that most of the text books already outdated before they got printed.  He likes to point out that using an iPad will keep the kid updated with their knowledge.

IPads not limited anymore to wealthy suburban district as New York City, Chicago and many other urban districts also have a budget for buying large quantity of iPads.

By comparison, Brookfield High in Connecticut approximates that they are going to spend at least that much annually on every student’s textbooks, without the graphing calculators, dictionaries and other accessories that iPad could provide.

Educators think that the sleek, flat tablet computers have several benefits for students.

The device includes interactive programs that demonstrate problem-solving in math, scratchpad features for note-taking and bookmarking, and the ability to sending quizzes instantly and homework to teachers.  As well, as viewing videos or tutorials on everything from fundamental past events to studying foreign languages.