Former US General talks about cyber weapons

Former No. 2 uniformed officer in the U.S. military claims that the United States should be developing offensive cyber weapons so that they could use it whenever some foreigners hack their computer.

Four-star Marine Corps general who retired in August as the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, James Wright says that the US must be open to developing cyber weapons since they got the capabilities. The US must also train people in order to make them credible of fighting this online threat so that the world will know that hacking is criminally liable, and the US will do something about it.


Idaho Laboratory Analyzed a Complex Computer Virus

Hidden in the closed doors of a nondescript red brick and gray building of the Idaho National Laboratory is the malware laboratory where paid government cyber experts conducted test in the Stuxnet computer virus.

The malicious software targets extensively used industrial control systems created by German firm Siemens. Cyber experts believe that it first appeared and aimed mostly at Iran’s nuclear program and that its sophistication denotes that are coming from a nation state, possibly the United States or Israel.


UK agencies loosing spies to private sectors

Reuters report British Spies might end up working for private companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google and other giant companies all over the globe.  Each one of the companies offers salaries that are three to four times the salary of spies’ current salary rate. According to the Intelligence and Security Committee their concerned that a cut Read more


More Cyber-Attacks On Apple And Android

Cyber-attack now on smartphones The most common target for the cyber-attacks was computer till now, but now these attackers are targeting the smartphone, that is Google’s Android and Apple’s OS. These attacks have compelled the Google and Apple to do something to stop these attacks. According to John Pironti, who is an advisor at ISACA, Read more