Verizon Wireless Going To Charge $2 Extra On Online Or Over-Phone Bill Paying

Verizon Wireless has most recently announced their new strategy of charging $2 fee for online bill paying or over phone bill paying. Their new strategy is expected to come in action from the 15th of January 2012. Although the company has fixed this extra $2 charge it has also mentioned some exceptional cases in which customers can dodge the extra charge.

While discussing in details about the new charges Droid Life has presented a document containing detailed informations about the new charges fixed by Verizon Wireless. The documents have revealed that customers who pay bill over phone or online through My Verizon and My Verizon Mobile will charge $2 extra convenience fee. Every time while paying bills over phone or online customers will be notified about the $2 extra charge and they will be given the choice of different payment methods to dodge the extra fee.

Droid Life has also revealed the different payment methods to dodge the convenience fee. Some of the methods are providing electronic checks, using AutoPay feature, hand to hand paying in retail shops, sending rebate cards or gift cards or reward cards via traditional postal services etc.

It seems sarcastic that Verizon Wireless in forcing customers to pay convenience charges while for years the company has made people convinced that online or over-phone paying or the paperless paying is the most easy, simple, safe and convenient way in comparison with the conventional mail billing. The process of online and over-phone bill payment saved papers and the postal fees.

It is true that $2 per month is not a huge amount of money but $2 per month means every Verizon Wireless customer who is an online or over-phone bill payer will have to pay $24 extra per year as convenience fee. Now it is to see how Verizon mobile users react to this new strategy of the company.