Verizon To Host Two New Smart Phones – Samsung Illusion And Pantech Breakout LTE

Verizon is to host two new phones from Samsung and Pantech. The Samsung phone will be called Samsung Illusion and the Pantech phone will sell with the name of Pantech Breakout LTE. The news was released by Verizon timetable. Both the phone will be released in September, 2011. The new phones will be powered by Android technology. These are the latest in the Android range, which currently holds a market share of 24% according to recent survey. Android share of the market registered an increase of 5.4% during the months of April, June and July.The new phone from Pantech is a groundbreaking initiation for Pantech since it marks the launch of its first fourth generation phone. Along with 4G connectivity, the phone will sport a touch screen panel, measuring four inches and a screen resolution of 800×480. In addition, the phone is equipped with a five mega pixel camera and a RAM of 512MB.

The only little disappointment is its single core processor of 1 GHz. The best feature of the phone, however, is that it can network with ten different devices at a time with its LTE facility. This is one of the major features that are found in a number of Android phones, including phones from HTC.

Despite revealing the features of the phone, the price still remains hidden. However, it has been estimated that Pantech Breakout LTE will have a pricing of around $199. Samsung price has not been speculated upon. In the $199 range, many smart phones and tablets have been released in the past month from leading mobile manufacturing companies such as Lenovo and MSI, besides a tablet from Samsung. The launch date is also uncertain. Although Pantech was supposed to release the phone on the 1st of September, no further news has been announced from the company. It can only be expected that the date of release has been postponed to a later date in September.

Verizon is being more secretive about the Samsung device although the launch date has been announced as 29th of September. Not many features have been released except that the phone will have a WVGA screen measuring 3.5 inches. The processor is expected to be somewhere around 800MHz to 1 GHz. The camera will range between 3 mega pixels and 5 mega pixels. Both the phones are expected to be powered by Android Gingerbread 2.3.4. The pricing of the Samsung device is not known, although it is expected to cost more than $199.