Google Unveils The Source Code To Android 4.0

The giant search engine Google has finally unconfined the source code for its latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Now the mobile manufacturers are allowed to customize the operating system for their mobile handsets. One of the specialties of the Operating System is that it can be corporate in both the tablets and smartphones.


Google Presents Improved Street View Project

Google has most recently announced an improvement of its Street View project that is among one of the most controversial projects in recent time. With the latest improvement the Street View project will allow companies or businesses to make their presence online by offering images of their store fronts in high resolution to reach more Read more


UNThink wants to challenge Facebook

New comer Unthink thinks that they can overthrow the social networking giant Facebook’s out of the social media realm.

The new social network comes from the creative mind of the mother’s concern over the online activities of his son. Unlike Facebook, Unthink preaches empowerment. Whenever first visited the site, they encouraged people in taking control of their online destinies.