IPhone 5 is going to feature voice command

Everyone is expecting that the upcoming IPhone 5 is more evolutionary rather than a revolutionary exit of the IPhone 4. The new IPhone said to be featuring a faster processor, higher resolution camera, and Apple’s new voice command system, “Assistant”.

However, there’s also speculation as to exactly what phone or phones is going to be rolled out when October 4 comes. It is also the same day that the new chief executive Tim Cook fronts the media to give his first decisive address on “Let’s talk iPhone” at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.


Apple Overtakes Samsung In World’s Thinnest Phone Race

As per latest release by Apple, the company has left Samsung behind in the race of the world’s thinnest phone. The ruling was made by the Advertising Standards Authority. The ruling stated that Samsung is thicker than the thickest point on iPhone 4, thus confirming the superiority of the phone in design. Apple’s war with Read more


New iPhone To Be Announced A Few Weeks From Now

An employee of Apple Inc has revealed that the official announcement regarding the phone will be made a few weeks from now. He has however, refrained from revealing his name. Nevertheless, talks about the launch have picked up following this revelation. Along with the revelation, images of the phone were posted as well. However, the Read more