Huntsville School going high-tech

It looks like that the days of Huntsville students, who carries a back pack full of the books numbered. Do not fret over it, as this is not a dreadful thing. The students would get a laptop to replace their books.

The district has purchased over 3,600 computers over the past month since Superintendent Casey Wardynski wants, to make some changes by forcing their school in creating a 21st-century school system.


Justice Department Swipes At The EFF

Justice Department swipes over online liberty groups The United States of America’s Department of Justice is taking a swipe at the online civil liberty groups. The liberties are arguing in favor of a Colorado-based woman who is being asked to decrypt her personal laptop for a police investigation. The brief filed by the DOJ will Read more


Acer Unpack 15-Inch TravelMate 5760 Laptop

New week, new laptop, Acer has once again proved that they can do that? They can create the revolution in the field of laptops. This week they once again announced for launching their new Laptop the TravelMate 5760. This beautiful invention has been equipped with bulk of interesting as well as mind blowing features including Read more