LG Takes A Step Ahead With Its 4G Thrill

Smartphones market is a new place of innovation for all the manufacturers and it is not clearly at its saturation point. The LG 4G Thrill tries to prove the best. It comes with loads of features. But really does it meet up to its expectations? Let us see. The Thrill’s design is really stunning. The black Read more


RIM tries to resolve issue on Blackberry outage

The developer of Blackberry smartphone is currently busy on fixing their service. They want to end a three-day global service disruption frustrating millions of customers and inflated pressure on its management to make extensive changes.

On Wednesday, Research In Motion, hurriedly announced conference call, vowing to deliver all suspended email and instant messages to customers in five continents upset by the outage.


RIM faces tough situation

BlackBerry users from Europe, South America, the Middle East and Africa have experience technical malfunction with their smartphones for a second day following an interruption of Internet and messaging services.

The new round of troubles on Tuesday concerned the BlackBerry’s trendy messaging service which was not fully working, with multiple users, who reports issues in sending and receiving messages.