Facebook downplays Google’s menace

According to Silicon Valley star Sean Parker, Facebook would have to commit its biggest mistake before Google Plus can steal its crown.

Parker is the co-founder of the most controversial music-sharing service Napster in the 1990s and his role in Facebook’s climb when a movie adaptation on the life of Facebook creator, Mark Zuckelberg get into the big screen in the movie, “The Social Network.”


The Velocity Micro Cruz T408 Is Promising

Consumers around the world nowadays tend to demand tablets that are high on performance as well low on price. Hence we see the arrival of the Velocity Micro Cruz T408 which primarily aims to capture the market of college students and the economical consumers with a comparatively cheap price. Indeed at $239 this tablet promises Read more


Blackberry Internet Services Went Down

It’s been a very bad time for the Canadian mobile manufacturing company Research In Motion. It is for the second time in 24 hours that RIM’s BlackBerry Internet Services failed. The BlackBerry Internet Services include Blackberry Messenger, shortly called BBM. RIM is going to face pretty strong waves of criticism for the inconveniences that the Read more