A car that could power other electric devices

Pretty soon electric cars would be use not only to take you to where you want to go to, but also to cook food or run electricity powered device such as television, radio and others.  That is if the power goes out for a long time.

Of course, it could not replace the electricity that we could get from electric companies since electricity is unlimited.  Electricity coming from a car limited since its powered by a battery.  Electric cars get charged from electric plugs in the house.

As of now, Mitsubishi is developing a car that could upsurge the electricity discharge of the electric car, which is enough, for powering gadgets such as mobile phone.  The company wants the car to produce electricity up to 1500 watts.

Head of the company’s electric-vehicle business, Yoshikazu Nakamura says it is enough to power a rice cooker.

The Japan earthquake, which resulted to, the meltdown of the Fokushima nuclear power plant, gave them the idea.

In the next year, Toyota will be offering its brand new electric car in the market.  It has a new feature that will let the car power appliances – AC electric outlets.

Analyst at consulting company Carnorama in Tokyo, Takeshi Miyao thinks that the disaster might be a blessing in disguise for the car companies as it may open an opportunity for them to present the electric car for used as a back-up power supply.

With the recent incident that occurs in Japan, there might be numerous blackout happening since there is a power shortage.

The cars can be charge at night when electric use is not at its peak.  It could mean more saving more money since the midnight electricity usage is not that high compared to the daytime electricity usage.

All you need to be able to use the battery of the car for running appliances is a 30cm device, which Mitsubishi sells for an added $230. It can be plug-in into a socket in the i-MiEv’s interior, and converts the battery’s direct current into alternating current, so that the appliances will be able to use it.

Since the March disaster, the company Mitsubishi has been working on the battery.  The company has a goal of presenting the new battery before the end of this year.

Nissan is going to unveil a discharge system for electric cars by next month.  The battery of their car has a capacity of 2,400 watts; however, it is not yet decided how many watts could be discharge from the car.