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Ultrbooks Expected To Support Acer’s Falling Shares

The Ultrabooks from Acer are expected to earn a pretty good profit for the company, the CEO of Acer J.T. Wang has mentioned. While talking to Dow Jones Newswire the CEO has mentioned that users are going to really love the ultrabooks due to their thinner design, lighter weight and longer battery life than before and selling more and more ultrabooks will fetch good profit for Acer because ultrabooks come in comparatively higher prices. Wang believes that Acer will fix the price of ultrbooks around $ 699.

HP’s X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse Arrives In Market

HP has most recently brought in market their latest device the X7000 Wi-Fi Touch Mouse, which at the same time has wireless connectivity and touch-sensitive technology. The mouse has a stylish slick look with an uncommon curve, arcing to the right side. However HP does not seem to think about the left handed people while designing the mouse.

HP Going To Try Luck In Windows 8 Tablets

The giant computer manufacturing company Hewlett Packard abbreviated as HP has most recently announced that they are going to launch their Windows 8 Tablets very soon. HP’s faithful customers will have to wait till Microsoft launches its latest Operating System Windows 8. HP lovers who were a little disappointed with HP as the company did not declare anything certain about their newly planned WebOS mobile operating system may be hopeful and happy again after the announcement.

HP’s New Invention ELITE BOOK 8460P Notebook

After launching the business purpose notebook named proBook 6360p a few months before, HP is now planning on introducing another notebook of the same class but more advanced way.  The new business purpose notebook from HP will be called the EliteBook 8460p.

HTC To Launch New Smart Phone, Code Named Runnymede

HTC has plans of releasing another smart phone, which is supposed to be faster than all its previous devices. The device has been codenamed Runnymede and the details have been released online. The new phone will be a more developed one than its predecessor NTC Sensation. However, there have been no public statements or press releases officially from the company.