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Clear or Delete Auto Complete History On Internet Explorer 9

Many of us are now a day, facing some privacy issue when they exactly go to share their computer. Though, they do not want to be popping up that for other to see, also their typed information. But need not to be any worried; just do delete your auto complete history, all that essential information will be removed.

Here I am giving simple step by step procedure with the help of which you can easily do it without any hesitation and according to me it may be the best solution of your problem at this moment, so just read the following segment carefully:

  1. Do open your Internet Explorer Browser 9.
  2. Make a right click on the Tools icon, which is on the upper right sight corner of the browser, else you may also use Alt + X command to do that.
  3. Next move your cursor towards Internet Option and Select it.
  4. From the existing menu do select Content tab.
  5. Next again move your cursor towards Auto Complete tab.
  6. Then put your curser on the Settings button and click on that.
  7. Now move your cursor again towards Delete Auto Complete History tab.
  8. Click on it.
  9. Next again click on the OK button in the same Auto Complete Settings Window.
  10. Again do right click on the Internet Options window.
  11. So if you perform the entire process well then your problem will solve.
  12. It’s a simple trick just try it today at home and enjoy.

Rip music CD to mp3 in Windows Vista

This procedure is applied near about all versions of windows vista, because windows vista is associated with such features which already gave the users the ability of ripping the music to mp3 file format for free. Also near about all the music players including Apple’s iPod will not play the default wma format.  Moreover by using mp3 format you can quite ensure that you can listen all types of music to your music device.

Connect Your PC To A Network Projector In Windows Vista

It can be found that each and every time your organization may need to utilize network projectors for meetings and conferences purposes. But you have to remember if you want to use these projectors then the first and foremost thing is connect your computer to the local network and in this matter also you may need to allow the entire communication process to pass through the Windows Firewall.

Now you are thinking how to do that? I know that very well, but need not to be worry, here in the following tutorial you are going to learn step by step how to do that, so just read the rest article carefully and attentively, I believe with the help of this you can easily do that:

  1. Click on the Start button of your keyboard.
  2. Move your cursor towards All Programs
  3. Again move it towards Accessories.
  4. Do select Connect to a Network Projector from this tab.
  5. Now you will be prompted by the Windows Firewall.
  6. Allow the permission to connect to a network projector just by clicking yes button.
  7. Do specify how you will connect the projector- Search for a projector and Enter the projector address.
  8. If you make up your mind to select Search for a projector then the wizard will produce a list of available projectors.
  9. Just select your desired projector or input your password (if necessary).
  10. Click on the connect button.
  11. Moreover if you set up your mind to Enter the projector address then do input the address for the projector and additionally input Projector password, if recommended.
  12. Do right click on the connect button again.
  13. This is a very simple procedure, just try it today and enjoy.

Remove User Title From The Task Bar Of Windows 8

Windows 8 always displays the User Title for that account which is being used in the position of far right of the taskbar. So if you are a heavily user of the Taskbar then you can easily recapture that screen from the real estate position just by disabling the User Title.


Here is a simple step by step procedure that are quite be able to teach you step by step how to remove the user title from the task bar, just follow the rest article carefully:

  1. Do right click on the User Title icon which in on the right side on the taskbar screen.
  2. Move your cursor towards Properties tab.
  3. Next scroll down the list of available system icons.
  4. Do it until you reached the User Title options.
  5. Now make a right click on the On button.
  6. Do select OFF button from that same dropdown menu.
  7. Now do right click on the OK button there.
  8. Once you perform the previous step carefully your User Title from the task bar has removed successfully.
  9. Believe me it is really a simple procedure.
  10. Just try it today at your PC.

[Note: This procedure is applicable for the Windows 8 users only. Do not try it on the earlier versions of windows.]

Video As A User Title In Windows 8

Using a picture as a picture title has become quite boring today. So we should try something new today. Well do you know that you can use a video as a user title? Believe me this is true and if you not heard that then also no problem, today I shall teach you step by step how you can use a video as a user title. Just follow the rest article carefully. A hack for using both a picture as well as a picture and video clip has simultaneously been also included with it.


  1. Make your video clip, but before making that you should always keep one thing in mind that it must be WMV format.
  2. Also this video clip must be lesser than 10 second length.
  3. Resolution should be 240×180 pixels.
  4. Next browse your windows on the following way,
  5. C : (Windows drive)\ ProgramData \Microsoft\ User Account Pictures\ Default Pictures.
  6. Once you reached there paste your clip there.
  7. Do rename that on the following format:
  8. usertilex.ms-usertiledynamic.
  9. Now replace x of the rename portion with any number.
  10. Next do right click on the User Title.
  11. Move your cursor towards My Look.
  12. Do select your video that you want to give.
  13. Now hit on the OK button.
  14. If you do the previous work correctly the video will be played when every time user clicks on the User Title.
  15. So this is a simple procedure, just follow the instruction carefully and do it yourself.