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Samsung Galaxy S Is A Lot Improved One

Samsung has got a lot of smartphones in the market, but with great competition from the likes of Nokia and HTC it is losing its way for a little period of time. But they are bringing out some real catchy smartphones which should be giving their users fair amount of pleasure and that is what all the Samsung fans expect from them as well. The Samsung Galaxy phones have proved to be a great success for the company and therefore they are engaging their ideas in manufacturing more of the Galaxy phones which are almost alike but are different in few aspects. But it is true that all of them are possessing some great features as well. The new Samsung Galaxy S Plus provides a lot of features to its users. Be it is stylish designs that really make it elegant to look at or the powerful specifications Galaxy S has got it all.

Nokia 701 Has Got Many Expectations To Fulfill

Nokia being one of the leading brands in the industry of mobile handset is facing a tough competition in the type of smartphones they are producing and the price they are charging for that. So it is becoming extremely essential that they may come out with new and really ‘smart’ phones which will not be costing as many as they are now.

HTC Announces Explorer With Great Features

The HTC explorer is set to release the four metropolitan cities of India very shortly. Stylish looks and great features makes this handset a must check out deal for the buyers. It is expected to be priced at a range between Rs.11, 000 to Rs. 12, 500 and with the type of feature it provides it is probably affordable for buyers as well. The HTC Explorer has touch screen built of toughened glass and has the capacity of withstanding pretty high temperature. Multi input facility with more than one touch is a good thing to have especially during the time when it is required to be used in a fast manner. The HTC touch sensor is at its best and unique sensitivity is maintained by HTC in this handset as well. The Android v 2.3 Gingerbread is an OS which is used by HTC in most of its smartphones and this one is also not an exception. The 600 MHz processor also provides great support when you need fast processing of data.

Yet compared to processors installed in other smartphones manufactured by same company it is pretty disappointing to find a processor below 1 GHz . The 3 Mega pixel camera has got dual LED flash and thus provides crystal clear images even in darkness. The output quality is really good compared to other smartphones with only 3 Mega pixel camera but HTC has got it right when installing this part into this handset. There is also provision for video recording and it gives good quality output as well. However there is no flash and no front end camera. The Wi-Fi technology is a real plus since it helps in browsing the web in fastest possible manner with the Android Web Kit Browser.

The 3G facility is also really useful but the lack of front end camera limits the video conferencing facility made possible by the 3G technology. But still, downloading and uploading is done at great speed and this gives the handset a real boost in the market. The audio quality is really good with its boom boom loudspeakers and audio recording is also possible.
The internal memory is only 90 Mb, but with external Micro SD memory card it can be expanded up to 16 GB. The li-Ion battery with 1230 MAh also gives long back up for good length of time. All in all HTC explorer is expected to make a good start in the smartphones market when it will be released.

Kyocera Will Release Its DIGNO By December

The Japanese handset manufacturer Kyocera is making a real head start into the industry of smartphones where there is large no. of smartphones already produced. In spite of all this the new Kyocera Digno is a stylish handset to possess if you do not want to spend so many bucks for an apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. The Kyocera Digno has got great looks and the multi touch input is something which provides the users with smooth touch sensation and fast opening of apps. The 4 inch super AMOLED display is perfect and its brightness also suits your eyes to perfection. The toughened glass is also very strong and can resist friction up to a very high level. The greatest plus point for this handset is that it is really slim. It is only 8.7m thick and can give real headache for the smartphone manufacturers from here on. What’s more, it is also water proof which makes it real user friendly device and easy to operate.

HTC Set To Announce Its New Runnymede Release

With the increase in income of customers they are looking to go for higher performance smart phones and HTC is bringing out a new Smartphone which promises to be a real champ in the Smartphone market. The HTC Runnymede will soon be announced in the market and it is bound to create some headache for the other Smartphone manufacturers who may have to change their specs to live up to the demand for smart phones.