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Apple’s Planning On AMD Failed

There was news in the tech market that Apple was working on designing a MacBook Air with an AMD Fusion APU. Sources of SemiAccurate suggest that Cupertino cancelled the plan for some unknown reason although it is confirmed news that they had an active prototype.

PROCESSORS Will Get More Features

For a good or fast personal computer you need fast processor, because of CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT which process the data or instruction as well as which is given through input in the Computer. Many computer users are not aware of this recent technical development fact about CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT in these recent years. Not very long ago a chip set and a processor made for the core of the computer. But recent days CPU with more packed transistor is taking over the jobs, what is performed by the chip set. Many time selecting processor becoming secondary concern for the new buyers.

Android Phones To Have Intel Chips

In its latest update, Google has confirmed that the company will collaborate with Intel to develop a new smart phone that will have an Intl chip. The decision was announced in Intel Developer Forum. Smart phones that work on de facto ARM chips will also be made compatible for chips produced by Intel. In the event, previews of tablets and smart phones working on Intel chips were presented. The gadgets work on Intel Atom chip sets.

AMD Unveils Bulldozer Processors For OEM

Processor chip manufacturing company AMD has recently announced their upcoming processor, which is entirely based on the Bulldozer architecture – claimed by the authority.

Sandy Bridge CPUs Of Intel – Coming To Rock

Processor giant Intel recently announced their brand new product the Sandy Bridge chips – which are coming out with 16 new clips as well as the company also declared that they will cut its price for the upcoming desktop lineup.