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Search Giant Google Has Acquired 217 IBM Patents

In the field of patent war search engine giant Google has acquired several patents from IBM or International Business Machines – according to an update, recently made by the V3 reports. This report has also unlocked the entire US Patents and Trademarks Office patent assignment database, which has claimed that Google has acquired 217 patents of IBM in this year.

Activation Rate Of Android Devices Increasing Rapidly

Android” is a popular name in the tech world. With time Android devices are gathering more and more popularity among people. Andy Rubin, who is the Google’s vice president of mobile, in a recent speech, has disclosed that according to their latest record everyday more than 700,000 Android devices are getting activated. The record points out to a lift of 40 per cent from the former record (till June 2011) which showed that 500,000 android devices got activated per day. In the month of July the record showed that 550,000 android devices got activated everyday and this means that the latest record has received a lift of 27 per cent.

Facebook, Google and Apple Top Places To Work

According to a recent market research Google, Facebook and Apple are enlisted among top 10 best work places. Glassdoor has disclosed the facts in their fourth Employees’ Choice Awards ceremony. The company makes a list of 50 work places depending on the choices and opinions of nearly 250,000 employees every year. They emphasize on topics like salary, other benefits, work culture, work growth, opportunities, work-life balance and even the workability and efficiency of company CEO according to employees.

Google Introducing Ads On Chrome

Sometimes ago the giant search engine Google introduced the all new Google Chrome Browser. Most recently has been found that Google is approaching ads automatically in the Chrome Browser. Although Google is doing it in a modest way through a yellow box at the top of the page some users are already afraid that it may become Google’s routine to do so.

Google Upcoming Expanding Censorship Programs

In the beginning of the year Google for some unknown reason began blocking search terms related to filesharing. But the giant search engine has assured that “BitTorrent,” “RapidShare” and “Megaupload” – the famous queries will still supply valid search results if the full search term is given. Google has only removed them from their Auto-complete and Instant search services. Previously while typing the search term search recommendations were appeared automatically but now it will provide results just in the way the search result is typed.