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Samsung Galaxy R Has Got Some Great Features

Samsung has gone through a lot of stiff competition before launching their Galaxy smartphones which have somewhat helped them recapture some of the lost grounds in the mobile handset market. The new models of Galaxy that have been launched have been modified a lot and are far more powerful than the earlier ones. These models have been designed to perfection and have great stylish looks about them. The latest Samsung Galaxy R has got some great features being installed in them. It has been sharp all the way. It has got some great beauty about it and looks really like a ‘smart’ phone as well. The handset is slim in design and is not of too much weight either.  The 66 x 125 mm dimension is pretty to look at and it goes into your pocket very easily as well. 

Samsung Galaxy S Is A Lot Improved One

Samsung has got a lot of smartphones in the market, but with great competition from the likes of Nokia and HTC it is losing its way for a little period of time. But they are bringing out some real catchy smartphones which should be giving their users fair amount of pleasure and that is what all the Samsung fans expect from them as well. The Samsung Galaxy phones have proved to be a great success for the company and therefore they are engaging their ideas in manufacturing more of the Galaxy phones which are almost alike but are different in few aspects. But it is true that all of them are possessing some great features as well. The new Samsung Galaxy S Plus provides a lot of features to its users. Be it is stylish designs that really make it elegant to look at or the powerful specifications Galaxy S has got it all.

Nokia 701 Ushers A New Hope For Nokia

There is no question that Nokia has been leading the mobile handset market in the last decade or so. But in the last few years ever since there is a high demand for smartphones, the earlier power of Nokia is on the decline. To turn around from such a situation Nokia is coming out with all guns blazing as they are delivering one after another packs of punch with their newly launched smartphones and also which are yet to come to the market.

Samsung Keeps Up Its Growth With Its New Galaxy SII

The wireless carriers usually come with certain deals on smartphones but in Samsung Galaxy SII (AT & T) they have made an exceptional arrangement. This device is now available on Sprint, AT &T and T-Mobile. A good number of features along with stylish design, that really highlights it out from the other versions of Galaxy. The design is something that Samsung has always boasted of and no wonder they have lived up to their expectations in this product too. The 4.3 inch AMOLED screen in case of AT & T is slightly smaller than 4.5 inches present in Sprint and T-Mobile, but more or less all looks the same. The size is slightly smaller too which makes it easier to handle.  The 5 inch height and weighing only 4.1 ounce it is really meeting up the requirements for easy transportation.

HTC On The High With Pro 7

Smartphones have taken over the world rapidly. All the work that one intends to do in a PC can be done in a smartphone. One very important advantage of a smartphone is that it can be easily carried from one place to another in one’s pocket since it is obviously much smaller in size than a laptop or PC. The HTC Pro 7 is one such smartphone which can be actually used as a substitute for a PC especially for those who need the internet for a large part of the day due to official or other purposes. The HTC Pro 7 runs on a 1 GHz Scorpion processor which performs well and easily serves your purpose. The phone consists of 448MB RAM and along with it there is a ROM of 512MB. The General Processing Unit or the GPU is the Adreno 200.