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LG-Intel Smartphone Expected To Hit This Coming CES

Various tech informations along with tittle-tattle news have been started to arrive on the scene as a welcome sign of the annual Consumer Electronics Show, approaching shortly. Among the recently found rumors the most interesting one has been come from LG. At the CES scheduled from 10th – 14th January at the Vegas Convention Center LG is bringing an all new Intel powered smartphone, the Korea Times has reported.

LG’s New Plan – 30% Staff Cuts In Cell Division

Mobile manufacturer LG has once again in the news headlines, though this time taken their future planning – According to a new rource report.

The report has also stated that cell phone manufacturer company LG is now planning for slashing the workforce of its mobile phone division by cutting 30 percent after reviewing the consistently poor result in the cell phone market.

Android Has A Hold On 42% Of Smart Phone Market

Android is firmly establishing its hold on the smart phone market all over the world. According to the latest survey that was conducted by comScore, it has been revealed that android owns almost 42% of the smart phone market. To be precise, android has a share of 41.8%.

Android Usage By Phone Manufacturers Provides Interesting Results

A survey conducted recently has revealed interesting results about usage of Android operating system by various phone manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, LG and the others. The company that uses Android the most is Samsung. It has thirty smart phones that run on android technology. These phones have been supplied to various network providers. However, the company that has come out as the one that is most updated in Android usage is HTC.

Two Sony Android Tablets in Line for Launch

Sony has been procrastinating on bringing out the two much talked about android based tablets for quite some time now. As per previous reports, the new tablets that were to be called Sony tablets S1 and S2. however, latest reports say that Sony S1 will be called Sony S, Sony S2 will be called Sony P. the two tablets have been in line for launch since the past few weeks. While there have been leaks about vague snapshots and features, there was no confirmed news. It has now been confirmed that Sony is planning to bring out the tablet in the early days of September. The exact date of launch is yet to be known.