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Steve Jobs Biography Is About To Release Soon

The authorized biography of Steve Jobs is going to release on coming Monday. But before the official release of Walter Isaacson’s new book some copies have been distributed among some news outlets. And most expectedly the gossip news have been started to leak out. The famous Huffington Post has published some parts of the book. We can find there Steve Jobs‘ thoughts and opinion about Google’s Android. In the field of operating system Google’s Android is the greatest rival of Apple. Isaacson remembered the time when

Death of Steve Jobs nourishes IPhone mania

On Friday, Apple store got by the iPhone 4S craze as million of Apple fans flocked to the nearest store. All of them hopes that they could own the last iPhone that Steve Jobs created.

The iconic chief executive’s death caused a more somber air than usual to a number of Apple shops rejoicing the launch of the iPhone 4S, with fans placing flowers alongside the long lines waiting to buy.

The loss of the iconic leader of Apple’s cultist following  expected in helping the company to reach sales of more than a million in the first week.

Steve Wozniak, the guy, who was there at the start of the company have camped out outside of a store so that he would be the first one to buy iPhone 4S.  He revealed that he does not have to camp outside a store since a new iPhone is going to be delivered in front of his home every time there is a new released.  However, he likes the feeling of waiting in line.

For him, the product is more than just a cellphone.  It means something in his life.

Wozniak triumphantly leaved the Apple Store stroking his new iPhone 4S.

Apple users imagine themselves as an elite group, and their feel of the community got increased by the tributes for Jobs and jokes about the tragedy Blackberry suffered.

22 year old Nicole Mclain, said that this is her first time to own an iPhone.   Although, he got a blackberry he admitted that it is far from the iPhone 4S.

20-year-old Anton Makhlov claims he is the fourth guy to get an iPhone 4S.

Users say they love Apple’s Macintosh computers, iPhones, iPods and iPads since it has changed the lives of the users.

Rob Shoesmith says he used to work as a bin man, but his life changed when he created an app, and it becomes a hit in 2009.

42-year-old forex trader Duncan Hoare says Steve Jobs’ death makes him want to own an Iphone 4S.  He got devastated to learn that Apple’s CEO died.

Friday’s unveiling did not extend to all corners of the planet; however, it will soon hit the stores. Brazilian tourist Ricardo was already awake 5:00 am at the Paris store so that he could be sure that he could be one of the first people to own the iPhone 4S.

The party started at sun-up on the other side of the world as hundreds lined up outside Apple’s stores in Sydney and Tokyo.  They are filming themselves with their newly bough iPhones while the staffs clapped, cheered and chanted.

Apple Iphone got some help from Steve Jobs

Apple 4S went on sale after the death of Steve Jobs.  People buy the latest iPhone as a tribute to the former Apple boss.

Hundreds of fans queued around city blocks in Sydney and Tokyo so that they could be one of the first to get their hands on the iPhone 4S, which has some resemblance with the previous iPhone 4 but has a better camera, faster processor and well-received voice galvanized software.

Haruko Shiraishi waited along with her yorkshire terrier Miu Miu at the very end of an eight block queue in Tokyo’s smart Ginza shopping district so that she could own an Iphone.  She says she wanted to buy the IPhone so that she would have something to remember Steve.

Australian Tom Mosca, the first to buy the new phone in Sydney, noted that the first thing that she would ask her his new white iPhone is the location of Steve Jobs.  A lot of people believed that iPhone 4S created as a tribute for Steve.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and his executive team hope that the new iPhone launched without the firm’s former visionary leader at the helm, is going to protect their global market share against competitors including Samsung.

The South Korean firm, Apple’s arch-rival with smartphones powered by Google’s Android software, expect it would be overtaking their rival as the world’s biggest smartphone vendor when it comes to the units sold in the third quarter.

The iPhone 4S – presented to the world after the death of Jobs  — got hailed as a disappointment since it fell short of being a revolution in design, but flattering reviews centered around its “Siri” voice-activated software have since aided it set a record pace in initial, online sales orders.

Apple’s Asian fans did not get disappointed with their new phones, ahead of sales in Germany, France, Britain and North America.

However, despite the entire craze at Apple stores, the launch  marred somewhat by extensive complaints on the Internet about issues such as downloading iOS 5 – the current  version of Apple’s mobile software.

The vast majority of iPhone 4S buyers at the Sydney store seemed to be past Apple customers.  Many of them have bought an Apple iPhone before, and only upgrades each time are a new iPhone.

To feel the presence of Steve Jobs some of Apple fans in Sydney and Tokyo put some put up some flower, candle and photo shrines to the late Apple boss built outside the stores.

Apple 4S got a boozed in sales with some help from Steve Jobs

On Friday, an estimated million people had placed their order for Apple’s latest iPhone.  The said product is apparently the last product that Steve Jobs introduced to the world before dying.

Orders for the iPhone 4S, appearing on store shelves this Friday, exceeded Apple’s previous one-day record of 600,000 sales for the iPhone 4, which pushes the company’s shares up 4.3 percent to $385.50 on the Nasdaq stock market.

The latest is a disappointment for iPHone fans when it got unveiled last week, but it seems that to be a bigger draw as more telephone companies carries it and it would be appearing in more countries, analysts said.

Perhaps the latest iPhone got some help from the recent death of Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs.  Massive outbursts of grief and sympathy over his bereavement last Wednesday at the age of 56, along with witnesses to his genius and position as an imaginative business leader in the media and by Apple products users online may have stimulated the sales.

Marketing professor at San Diego State University, Steven Osinski says the potential customers are those who have own some iPhone before.  Those who did not like iPhone 4Swhen it got first released would probably want it now.  It is like what happened to the record of the Beatles when John Lennon was dead, and the sales went up.

The iPhone 4S, which many Apple watchers believe  as a minor follow-up to its earlier model and featuring only incremental hardware improvements, is going on sale in seven countries. The preceding version got introduced in five.

Apple says stores in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK is going to begin selling the device on Friday. It is going to be offered in 22 countries by the end of October.

Hudson Square analyst Daniel Ernst says it is a complete package. The market got dissatisfied, but the customers ignored the headline so that they could see the content of the device itself.

The 4S are on the Sprint Nextel network, which is merging with AT&T Inc and Verizon Wireless as an iPhone seller for the record. In Japan, Apple included KDDI as a distributor.

CEO of YCMNET Advisors, Michael Yoshikami said that part of what’s going in making this roll-out so much bigger is that the accessibility of the product is going to be much better.  People are going to see sales records set at a faster tempo than people would expect.

Smartphone war got halted by death of Steve Jobs

Both Samsung and Apple delayed their smartphone war as they pay respect to Apple’s co-founder’s death.

An unconfirmed private funeral is currently undertaking for Steve Jobs.  Apple implied that there are no public funerals.

People affected by the death of the Apple co-founder have made pilgrimages to Apple stores, the company’s Cupertino control center, and even his family’s two-story brick home in an old section of the Silicon Valley city of Palo Alto.

Apple security and local police have circled the house, they have cleared the way for dark vehicles, which bear flowers or friends to pass the barricaded intersection and into a driveway of the corner property.

On the far corner, of the slate-roofed house is an apricot orchard.

Jobs bought the next-door property a long time ago.  He had the house knocked down so that they could put in a swing set for his children and an apricot orchard as he so loved the fruit, as told by his neighbors.

Judith Sallot says she wanted to do something for the CEO of Apple.  Sallot admitted that she did not know how to operate a computer until she got her own iPhone.  Jobs made it all easy for the computer illiterate people to operate a computer.

A bunch of apples, each apple  bitten once to resemble the logo of the company can be seen in the funeral.

On the other part of a low wooden-post fence lining the front yard, a small apple orchard loaded with fruit standing in a sea of orange poppies.

Pictures of Jobs attached to the fence, together with messages such as “Often imitated, never duplicated.”

One of the neighbors, who can only be identified through her first name, Karelle says they are sad to the sudden departure of their neighbor.

Karelle and other, who attended the private funeral, had taken a picture of the said event.

On Friday, Samsung and Google had postponed the press event for their product.

According to the official blog of Samsung, this is not the right time to introduced their smartphone to the world.  They promised that there would be another launch date for their product.

Everyone is anticipating the unveiling of a Galaxy Nexus smartphone powered by the about to be released version of Google-backed Android software and designed to contest market-leading iPhone.

Postponing the introduction got perceived a temporary truce to honor the death of Jobs, who died Wednesday at the age of 56 after a long time battle with cancer.