IPhone 5 is going to feature voice command

Everyone is expecting that the upcoming IPhone 5 is more evolutionary rather than a revolutionary exit of the IPhone 4. The new IPhone said to be featuring a faster processor, higher resolution camera, and Apple’s new voice command system, “Assistant”.

However, there’s also speculation as to exactly what phone or phones is going to be rolled out when October 4 comes. It is also the same day that the new chief executive Tim Cook fronts the media to give his first decisive address on “Let’s talk iPhone” at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.


Google Wallet For Sprint Nexus S Android Smart Phone To Be Released Today

Google Wallet, the much awaited Android app that can turn the smart phone into a wallet, is to be launched today, September 19, 2011. The app was to be released on September 1 this year but was postponed. An ad of the app was released last weekend and the fact that it featured George Costanza Read more