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IPhone 5 is going to feature voice command

Everyone is expecting that the upcoming IPhone 5 is more evolutionary rather than a revolutionary exit of the IPhone 4. The new IPhone said to be featuring a faster processor, higher resolution camera, and Apple’s new voice command system, “Assistant“.

However, there’s also speculation as to exactly what phone or phones is going to be rolled out when October 4 comes.  It is also the same day that the new chief executive Tim Cook fronts the media to give his first decisive address on “Let’s talk iPhone” at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.

That rumor arises since Apple is popular when it comes to covertly fuelling speculation about its launches and products exclusive of uttering a word in public, then sits back as the online rumour mill combined the fact and fiction so that they could form a half-true hype.

Come October 4, the world will see the unveiling of IPhone 5, an iPhone 4S (an inexpensive version of the present model), or even just Apple’s iCloud and the new Assistant software, although the last one promises to be an anticlimax.

The delivery of the iPhone 5 appears to depend on the accessibility of 4G-related components so that it can be use on North American next-generation networks.

With 4G networks in their early stages and componentary somewhat blistering, a pre-release version of the iPhone 5, could be dispatched instead.

Although, not  confirmed yet, but people believe that the IPhone 5 will look like the IPhone 4.

Just like the IPhone 4, it is going to have some features like the 1 gigabyte of RAM memory (up from iPhone 4′s 500 megabytes), a powerful and faster A5 dual core processor (up from a single core A4 processor), an 8 megapixel back-facing camera (up from 5 megapixel) and enhanced graphics available, once that it comes out.

There is the probability; indeed anticipation in monetary circles, that iPhone 5 is going to include near field communication (NFC), meaning that the phone can be used as a credit card.

This suggested feature is probably is misunderstood by the public-at-large, but in the longer term, it is going to be the most compelling addition to a new smartphone.

A new iPhone 5 is likely to work flawlessly with Apple’s new iCloud service and to come with Apple’s latest iOS5 operating system.

On the other hand, the IPhone 4S is likely to be cheaper a cheaper, cut-down version of the iPhone 4, including features such as an A5 dual core processor like the iPad 2′s, but has a smaller storage such as 8 Gigabytes.

Apple Finally Declares Press Conference For iPhone 5

iPhone giant Apple has been in the rumor for a long time due to its iPhone 5 release date – but now they have ended all of this by announcing a press conference for iPhone 5 on 4 th October Tuesday.

Google Wallet For Sprint Nexus S Android Smart Phone To Be Released Today

Google Wallet, the much awaited Android app that can turn the smart phone into a wallet, is to be launched today, September 19, 2011. The app was to be released on September 1 this year but was postponed. An ad of the app was released last weekend and the fact that it featured George Costanza raised expectations about the release of the app. However, the date of launch was not revealed in the ad. Its official launch is earlier than expected and has indeed been a pleasant surprise for all Sprint Nexus S Android users. The app uses NFC technology. The Near Field Technology is used to make financial transactions and exchange of data between two closely placed devices. With the enabling of this technology, a mobile phone can easily be used as debit and credit cards in any place like shopping malls and restaurants. The app release will definitely make life easier for Nexus S users.

Blackberry Stocks Fall 20%

Research in motion, the maker of BlackBerry smart phones and devices saw its stock fall a further 20% at the end of the week. The company has been struggling for revival for sometime now. Although one of the top smart phone manufacturers in the mobile world, the company has had a low phase in the recent times, having lost a majority of its market share to Apple and Android systems. It is expected that the launch of iPhone 5 will cause a further downfall in the sales of the company. While the share value was being standard at $29 in the past week, its value fell $5.90 and settled at $23.60 at the closing of the markets this week. This 20% drop translates to a loss of $3 billion, which is a serious drop in price. The $5.90 drop occurred in a day. Despite the continuous drop in stock value, BlackBerry makers are confident about a rise in the near future.

Blackberry Will Face a Tough Time with the Release of iPhone 5

BlackBerry, which is already on a downward spiral, is expected to lose a lot of its existing market with the release of iPhone 5. The device has been under wraps for a number of months now with no official announcement about it. A technology blog recently reported that an official announcement would be made a few weeks from now. The blog also quoted that the information was given by an Apple insider. Blackberry, which was one of the leading manufacturer’s of smart phones began to lose its market hold with the release of iPhone in 2007 and since then, has failed to win back the customer base due to inefficiency in bringing out new devices at regular intervals. With the release of iPhone 5, lose of customer base is expected to grow multi-fold. The next launch of iPhone is expected to be by the end of this year.