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Android – Emerging With New Gaming Features

It can be said that we are running in the age of apps. Apps have opened new doors and ways in the history of mobile using. Every person in today’s world – be a businessman or a teenage casual mobile user is in constant search of helpful and appropriate apps for his or her.

Samsung Galaxy S Is A Lot Improved One

Samsung has got a lot of smartphones in the market, but with great competition from the likes of Nokia and HTC it is losing its way for a little period of time. But they are bringing out some real catchy smartphones which should be giving their users fair amount of pleasure and that is what all the Samsung fans expect from them as well. The Samsung Galaxy phones have proved to be a great success for the company and therefore they are engaging their ideas in manufacturing more of the Galaxy phones which are almost alike but are different in few aspects. But it is true that all of them are possessing some great features as well. The new Samsung Galaxy S Plus provides a lot of features to its users. Be it is stylish designs that really make it elegant to look at or the powerful specifications Galaxy S has got it all.

Sony Is Finally Shipping 15.5 Inch VAIO S

Sony, one of the world’s biggest electronic companies has finally begun to ship the 15.5 inch VAIO S, which was introduced at IFA in the last August 2011. Sony has started a serious wide renovation programme in the last May. It brought outstanding changes in portability, performance and power efficiency using the Intel’s Sandy Bridge platform. The brand new 15.5 inch VAIO S is just a part of that series of changes. The new machine is capable to run the second generation Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, like the 13.3 inch iteration that was unveiled earlier this year.

Sony’s New Terms And Conditions With Play Station Irks Customers

??Sony offers excellent products but the terms and conditions of the company are not user friendly. The new Play Station with the reduction in price releases into the market, it comes with a new set of terms and conditions that are not favorable to customers. According to the rules of the company with regard to filing lawsuits, it has been stated that customers can sue the company only after the acceptance of the company. In other words, a customer cannot sue the company unless the company permits it, which is an absurdly meaningless clause. The clause has been included in the Terms of Service that come with PSN. Customers have been weary of the company’s terms for some time now. The company has had to face a lot of lawsuits when the hacking debacle occurred.

New iPhone To Be Announced A Few Weeks From Now

An employee of Apple Inc has revealed that the official announcement regarding the phone will be made a few weeks from now. He has however, refrained from revealing his name. Nevertheless, talks about the launch have picked up following this revelation. Along with the revelation, images of the phone were posted as well. However, the website that revealed the phone quickly took it off the pages and posted a message that hinted on a release in a short period. The images that were posted on the site looked authentic. But since they were taken off in a short while, there is also speculation their images were only posted to boost the publicity quotient of the website. However, whether pictures or not, the news about the impending announcement sure seems to be true.