“A La Carte”- A Chance For Cable Operators To Get Back Viewers

Cable operators are mow very busy to imply an “a la carte” option for their customers, because in this ways cable operators are believed to stop bundling channels together, forcing the viewers to subscribe to those channels that most of the people don’t want to watch. With the “a la carte” subscribers will be able to choose those channels that they want to watch, but in this matter they have not ever needed for any kind of interruption of those channels, which they don’t want to watch or find offensive.

There are some channels that in general come out in a high cost – like ESPN, which is really the most costly channel of US (costing around $ 4 per subscriber). With the former model of cable operators people, who are not interested in sports would, have to bear the costing of such an expensive channel like ESPN extra – though they do not want to see that channel. “A la carte” will make sure that people won’t have to waste their extra money in that way.

Jerry Kent, the Chief Executive of Suddenlink, have said “More than 1.3 million cable customers accepted that some of the expensive channels should come with a la carte, so that only those people who wants to subscribe them have to pay for them.”

Cable operators are believed to take that measure to ensure the regaining of the viewers who has gone to the online video streaming providers. The Comcast and the Time Warner Cable have reportedly lost 1.2 million video customers in the last year. Consumers have been waiting for long period of time for such an option, but with no competition in market, Cable operators are not paying a heed to their demand. But now when the situation has been changed and getting worse for the cable operators because of the streaming of their subscribers they are compelled to take such a measure.