A New Visual Search App By Google For Android Gadgets

Android, the fastest growing mobile operating system in the market and also the most popular, has simplified the search process. Google has introduced a new app that makes visual search possible. This is a huge development from the usual text based search. Before launching the visual search, Google had launched voice search app. The new app is called Google Goggles. It is a more convenient and efficient means of searching. With this app, users can use their cameras to search for information. The app comes with a special “Search from Camera” option. This makes the process more simplified. Users can click pictures and then use the app to analyze it. The device can be set so as to study the images in the background of a picture as well. All that the app requires is the presence of information relating to the picture in the Google database. All information appears on the screen.

The Google Goggles app needs to be upgraded to version 1.6 in order to use the latest features. The use of this app is simple, which makes the app very user friendly. The app searches the cloud for results and so, it is necessary for users to load their pictures. The drawback about the app is that it takes up a lot of space, with the basic requirement being 100 KB for each query posted. The app can be configured and customized to be triggered for use only when the phone has Wi-Fi or is connected to the internet in other ways. You can also customize the app to be used only when it has access to Wi-Fi network. This way, you can save on the memory space.

Users can click a large number of pictures, although a number of things are not included in the inventory. Users can also click pictures of texts from books and use the search option for further information. Other things that can be searched are logo patterns, artworks, business cards and other contact information, landmarks and books. Other features such as pictures of food, cars and natural life like plants and animals. The Google app team has plans to make the app more comprehensive by including more features. The team aims at advancing the technology and use the app for searches such as suggesting moves in games like Backgammon and chess. The app can also be used be obtain all details of a plant based on one small part such as leaves or fruits.