A Refrigerator to Power your House

For people, who are living on farthest regions of the province, they used to live in the dark (I meant literary dark since they do not have power lines to give them electricity).   The power companies have no way of reaching them since they are too far from power line.

Good thing that Bloom Energy company has come up with a solution, as they manage to come up with a  power cell that is smaller than what electric companies are using.  Bloom Energy Server, the power plant in the box  created by the Bloom Energy Company can solve that problem.  It can run on biogas, hydrogen or natural gas.  Some of the largest companies are already using it such as eBay’s headquarters, multiple AT&T sites, Adobe’s headquarters, and many more.

However, the problem with this solution is that it is too bulky, and the price is too high.  No individual could afford that except those who are earning more than $1 million  in a year.  This is where ClearEdge Power steps in; the company has created a smaller version of the power cells that could run in an individual’s house.

It has the size of a normal refrigerator.  The price is also far from Bloom Energy Server as it can be bought for $60,000 to $65,000.  Customers could expect to have electricity for five to eight years without worrying about monthly bills.  Just like the bigger version, it would operate by using hydrogen, natural gas, and   biogas.

VP of Marketing at ClearEdge, Mike Upp thinks that no company could compete with the price and technology of their product.

ClearEdge started early manufacture in 2009, and by mid-2010, the company was advertising the fuel cells to high end suburban customers in California, and  introduced as light commercial applications, which include hotels, restaurants, and schools. Ever since, the company has set up over 100 systems–and it has a backlog of over 1,000 orders.

The company plans on using its latest round of in an effort to expand its sales and marketing operations.

For the price of $60,000 to $65,000, I say that the price is way high since it could only be used from five to eight months.  The monthly electricity bill in using the power cell would cost around 600 monthly.  When the natural gas added to the price of the electricity, I am sure that the price is even higher.  This is something that a common man would want on their home, but it would be too hard to afford since the price is too high.