A-Team versus Lulz Security

A group of hackers is trying to bring down another group of hackers.  They want to help fight web crimes.

The team calls themselves A-Team tries to obtain some information about the famous group of hackers, Lulz Security.  The team would want to unmask the real identity of each member of the famed group of hackers, who has infiltrated some of the largest corporations of the world such as Sony and the likes.

Lulz Security got the attention of the entire world, the moment they sneak in the websites of C.I.A., Sony, the Arizona state police and other organizations.  The group has no bad intentions, but because they got some vital information from corporate and government websites, fellow hackers and authorities target the group.

Although, Lulz Security already claimed that they are disbanding, F.B.I. and other security agencies are on the lookout for them.  The authorities seek the help of other hackers to unveil the information about the famed group of hackers.  If ever that any member of LulzSec got caught, with the help of hackers, one can be assured that they can be captured.

Being unmasked of its true identity means that they are not that good thus would be put out of business.  An online Alias is a good way to concealing one’s identity and whereabouts.

Aside from A-Team, there are other groups of hackers that want to unveil the real identity of Lulz Security such as Team Poison and Web Ninja. Early on, a teenager named Ryan Cleary got sentenced but, A-Team and the other groups claimed that the task-at-hand has admitted that it is a hard task.

The team closest team that has gotten some vital information about their rival is A-Team.  The latter posted on their site that one of the members of the seven hacker group was a bartender in a bowling alley, who lives in a small British town. One more member is too ugly, and the third one cannot hack anything.

In reply to the posting, one Lulz Security member claimed that he lives in Hamilton, Ohio.  However, when the F.B.I went last week, they have not arrested anyone.

According to BBC website, one hacker from the LulzSec hackers said that they may try to bring LulzSec down, but all the latter has done is mock and laugh at them.

The group web Ninjas, also posted on their blog saying that they will not stop until they send all the members of LulzSec behind bars.