Acer Unpack 15-Inch TravelMate 5760 Laptop

New week, new laptop, Acer has once again proved that they can do that? They can create the revolution in the field of laptops. This week they once again announced for launching their new Laptop the TravelMate 5760. This beautiful invention has been equipped with bulk of interesting as well as mind blowing features including NVIDIA Optimus graphics card, 2nd-gen Core i processor, Intel Anti-Theft technology as well as ADP or Absolute data protection by an Absolute Software.

Moreover the presence of the Anti-Theft technology in this device once again remind us that if any case this laptop is stolen or lost then user can easily delete files, freeze or lock it remotely. Also during the lock session this laptop will disable the entire data encrypted data, which means once this laptop is recovered, it can be unlocked easily. Plus ADP support will allow the user to track their laptop in case of lost or stolen.

So, there I think no need to be said that this one caters to the mobile professional. TravelMate has 5760 also associated with Acer Backup Manager, that means it will keep your data save in case of crashes or accidents. Also it will allow the user to back up data as well as files at the time of ease, while Acer eRecovery Management will provide recovery on demand completely. Moreover  it has some eye touching specifications like  750GB HDD, Super Multi double-layer DVD drive, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 15.6- inch LED-backlit display, 4 in 1 card reader, inbuilt 3G, Wi-Fi and many more.