Adobe Provides Developers Mobile Apps Building Capabilities

New capabilities for mobile apps

Adobe Systems Inc. announced that the updated Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5 software will provide new capabilities to the developers. With these new capabilities, the developers can build mobile applications for the Blackberry Playbook, iPhone, and the iPad. A similar capability for the Android phones was released in April 2011. The developers will now be able to work on a single platform and provide apps for the Android, Apple App Store, and the Blackberry App World.The new capabilities have been welcomed by the market

The updated capabilities are available as a component of the Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium and the Master Collection. The new version of the Flash Builder provides developers the ability to work flawlessly across the leading mobile platforms. Developers have been immensely happy with these new capabilities and are pleased with the ease with which they can create mobile apps. This new technology allows the companies to reach out to all their users irrespective of the type of the device the users are using.

Companies need to focus on mobile apps

The release of the updated Flash Builder is accompanied by the Adobe Digital Enterprise platform. The advanced uses by the customers getting more out of their smart phones and tablets, makes it necessary for large companies to encompass mobile apps as a part of their complete marketing strategy. Additionally, IT companies build processes, CRM applications, and employee productivity tracking applications to suit the various devices that are in use. With this new version, companies will be able to use a single tool, framework, and code that will be compatible to the desktops as well as other devices, such as the smart phones and tablets.

Additional productivity features

The Flex 4.5 includes additional productivity improvements that enable developers to quickly develop applications that are compatible with desktop PCs, web platforms, and top mobile platforms. Taking the assistance Flash Builder, developers can create Flex and ActionScript applications and apply these with the Adobe AIR software. Presently, this converts in the ability to reach out to eighty million users of various devices. By the end of 2011, the estimated users will increase to over two million devices.

Some of the available apps

Some applications using the Flash Builder are available in the Android, Apple Apps Store, and Blackberry App World. These include Conqu, Mr. Mixit, Muni Tracker, Netflix Queue Manager, PolitiFact Mobile App, and the Pyramix.